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Increase productivity and safety of your processes with 80 GHz radar sensors  

Micropilot 80 GHz radar senor

When it comes to finding the right level technology for the specific needs within your industry, it can be a challenge to find a device with the ability to meet all your application’s requirements while still maintaining process efficiency. 

Endress+Hauser’s Micropilot 80 GHz free space radar sensors can provide a solution to this challenge by meeting your individual requirements for simplicity, smart safety and increased productivity. This technology is used for continuous non-contact level measurement in various applications across industries including chemical, oil and gas, food and beverage, power and energy, life sciences and mining.

Increased productivity 

With conditioned-based monitoring and preventative maintenance technologies such as Ethernet-APL and the option to add features such as Heartbeat Technology, which provides online diagnostics, monitoring and verification functionality, can prepare plants for the future while increasing the productivity of your processes.  

Heartbeat Technology provides condition-based monitoring and preventative maintenance through online diagnostics, monitoring and verification functionality.  Ethernet-APL protocols can prepare plants for the future while increasing the productivity of your process  

Increased safety

With our 20 years of SIL expertise, you can minimize testing costs, protect staff and the environment in a sustainable manner. Systematic errors are reduced through the use of wizards for commissioning, SIL locking and proof testing. Easy remote access to the measuring devices ensures that your staff stay out of hazardous areas. 


In today’s complex world, simplicity is a virtue. Utilizing Micropilot’s new Commissioning Wizard, you not only reduce “menu hopping” but it also requires very little training to successfully commission the instrument. The Commissioning Wizard can be accessed using the local display, DTM based software such as DeviceCare or on a smartphone or tablet using the SmartBlue App. The intuitive, instrument guided process walks you through the process quickly and with fewer errors than traditional methods. 

Radar sensors that meet your application needs   

No matter what requirements your application may require, the Micropilot 80 GHz radar sensor can ensure accurate and reliable level measurement. Learn more about how this technology can ensure efficient processes in the following applications:  

Solid applications
Micropilot 80 GHz radar sensor for solid applications

For customers in the mining, minerals and metal industry, our 80 GHz radar sensors make the business of running a plant easier in every respect. You benefit from the versatility and easy operation of the devices. 

Hygienic applications
Micropilot 80 GHz radar sensor for Hygienic applications

The non-contact Micropilot FMR63B stainless-steel measuring device can be cleaned with aggressive cleaning agents and meets the highest compliance standards. This makes it ideal for use in hygienic applications where strict standards must be met. Heartbeat Technology with foam and build-up detection, as well as the Radar Accuracy Index increase efficiency and allow calibration cycles to be extended.

Demanding applications
Micropilot 80 GHz radar sensor for demanding applications

In the chemical and oil and gas industry, functional safety, human safety and error prevention are key. Our 80 GHz radar sensors can be used up to 450 °C and 160 bar, have been developed in accordance with IEC 61508. In the water and wastewater industry, it is important to have level measurement that can reliably detect foam in your applications to avoid risk of plant shutdowns. 

Check out these videos that give you a deeper dive into Micropilot 80 GHz radar sensor technology in difficult applications  

Easily monitor build-up on your device’s antenna and avoid costly repairs and inaccurate readings.
Heartbeat Monitoring – Build-up detection with the new Micropilot
Ensure your water tanks are being monitored properly for any detection of foam before it becomes a time and cost detriment. 
Heartbeat Monitoring – Foam detection with the new Micropilot
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