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Free Space Radar provides pivotal insights into your processes

Hear from Endress+Hauser’s Level & Pressure product experts as they teach you how you can get the most from your free space radar technology.

How to improve Startup and Commissioning with Radar Level Instruments – Keith Riley

The implementation of smart technologies has quickly become the key to preventing startup delays, safety incidents and lost productivity. However, as the number of devices with their varying control interfaces increase, technicians are starting to face the difficult challenge of choosing the best device for their application. Endress+Hauser’s Device Type Manager (DTM) commissioning wizards can provide the solution for this growing problem. Keith Riley, Level & Pressure Product Marketing Manager, illustrates the benefits of these commissioning wizards in the video linked below. 

How to Improve Startup and Commissioning with Radar Level Instruments 

Setting up these DTM commissioning wizards are quick and easy to do and will work using any compatible interface hardware. The guidance tab will help with any questions you may have while setting up these commissioning wizards. This process helps to prevent startup delays, safety incidents and lost productivity all while being available on any compatible interface hardware. 

To avoid updating DTM’s, you can download our SmartBlue App for simple and secure connectivity. The app allows you to choose a safe and comfortable location to connect to your device, within 65 feet.  

Capturing envelope Curves in Free Space Radar Level Measurement – Ashley David

Envelope curves represent what a time-of-flight instrument detects in a tank via the signal generated from launch to return. Pulling an envelope curve is a quick and easy method that will confirm if your free space radar level device is working and installed correctly. Ashley David, Level & Pressure Product Marketing Manager, will walk you through the process of properly pulling and reading an envelope curve in the video linked below. 

Capturing Envelope Curves in Free Space Radar Level Measurement 

This demonstration of pulling envelope curves under different circumstances shows the most effective way free space radar technology measures level. If your envelope curves are not showing up correctly you may be running into some of the problems Ashley demonstrated. Envelope curves are a great tool to have while working with instrumentation as it gives you a visual of what your instrument is detecting. For example, you could troubleshoot what is happening during a clean-in-process or loading time in your vessel. Envelope curves can also ensure your instrument is installed correctly and in the right position on your tanks.  


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