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Heartbeat Technology: Proactive maintenance for improved plant performance and reduced operating expenses

Smart instrumentation is becoming more prevalent across industries as more operators see the value and efficiency proactive maintenance provides its users. The question at hand for many users is where to start? There are many different smart instrument options out there to choose from and you want to choose the technology that works best for you and your processes that brings tangible value.

What if your field devices had their own pulse?  

Heartbeat Technology logo: proactive maintenance  for improved plant performance

With Endress+Hauser’s Heartbeat Technology® you can have in-depth device and process insights to increase your plant performance and reduce operating and maintenance costs. This technology is integrated into numerous Endress+Hauser measuring devices and consists of three functions: 

Diagnostics– Increase reliability and confidence in your measurements with best-in-class diagnostic coverage – stay on top of things by getting the right information at the right time  

Verification– Be efficient in your testing efforts while ensuring compliance – improve efficiency in production and maintenance in a comfortable, safe and compliant manner which provides users the confidence that their meter is working as it should

Monitoring– Obtain insights to optimize our processes and predict maintenance needs – be efficient and proactive in your operations by having insights into your process and device conditions 

Technology that works for you

Heartbeat Technology adapts to its user. No matter what industry you are in or application you are using, Heartbeat Technology allows its users to have the diagnostic and verification abilities to ensure your meter is running properly without having to disrupt your process. 

Heartbeat Technology: Proactive maintenance that help improve plant performance

If you want to learn more about how to get the most from your smart instruments with Heartbeat Technology check out this Q&A featuring our product expert:

Why should I include Heartbeat Technology in my process?  

If you, like many others, struggle with this same question, then follow along as we walk through the journey of why implementing Heartbeat Technology can help improve your processes.  

Heartbeat Technology: customer journey with proactive maintenance


  • How can I optimize my current processes?  
  • What is a smart instrument and why should I care to include it? 


  • I don’t need the “bells and whistles” that can come with smart instrumentation 
  • I want to: 
    • Keep productivity high 
    • Lower operating and maintenance costs 
    • Comply with legal requirements  
    • Ensure product quality and safe operations 


  • Endress+Hauser Heartbeat Technology isn’t replacing calibration but optimizing it  
  • It allows for proactive maintenance to ensure that if there is a failure, we can detect it sooner 


  • The benefits Heartbeat Technology has to offer across all industries and applications: 
    • Reliability 
    • Safety 
    • Quality 
    • Increased efficiency 
    • Cost savings   


  • It’s going to save time and money while still maintaining optimal quality standards
  • Allows for digital connectivity across technology- meaning no downtime  


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