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Self-calibrating temperature sensor provides effective results during SIP testing

In industries such as Food and Beverage and Life Sciences where hygienic and aseptic applications are imperative, it is important that the instruments designed to work in these applications meet the high standards required. Meeting these requirements without negating the need for safety, low cost and decreased plant downtime is critical. Essentially, we all want processes that produce quality products while maintaining optimal efficiency.

iTHERM TrustSens TM31 self calibrating sensor
iTHERM TrustSens TM31

Depending on the industry, there are certain bioprocess requirements that a sensor must meet before being introduced into an application. Hygienic applications require strict compliance with FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Rules) regulations.  

iTHERM TrustSens technology stands out from other thermometers due to its fully automated in-line self-calibration. This results in high product safety and increased plant availability. It effectively eliminates the risk of undetected non-conformities, reduces production downtime and increases product safety and process efficiency in applications of the Food and Beverage and Life Sciences industries.  

Verified top performing sensor 

The  iTHERM TrustSens self calibrating sensor was put to the test by The BioProcess Institute to evaluate its overall performance when put through over 500 Steam in place cycles. The exposure cycles were based on ASME BPE-2019 Appendix K Standard Process Test conditions for Seal performance evaluation (ASME BPE Appendix K-1.2-2.2).  

The results revealed that the two sensors tested performed well with little drift/deviation between test sensors and NIST-temperature standard.  

It also showed that the cooling rates do not adversely affect the performance of the sensor. This means this instrument can provide reliable self-calibration without removal which will allow for in line calibration without process interruption. 

We sat down with experts Greg Pryor, Temperature Product Marketing Manager and Bethany Silva, Life Science Industry Marketing Manager, to help give us further insight into this sensor’s technology and the significance of The BioProcess Institute’s report.  
What are you hoping our customers can take away from this 3rd party testing report?  

Minimizing risk is such an important element of instrumentation, and TrustSens makes a huge difference in that regard. Rather than waiting for your next calibration cycle to discover that you have an out of tolerance sensor, you are now able to get batch to batch safety checks without having to remove the sensor for calibration. Not only does it increase confidence that your temperature readings are correct on an ongoing basis, but it also helps prevent potential downtime or product recalls from happening. – Greg Pryor, Temperature Product Marketing Manager

What kind of impact will technology like this one have on industries like Life Sciences? 

With Life Science being such a highly regulated industry, we need as much certainty as possible when making decisions about adopting new and improved technologies. Having a reputable third-party industry accepted testing facility validate and confirm that the TrustSens performs as promised provides addition confidence in a decision to adopt this self calibrating sensor technology in a facility to help reduce risk and unnecessary manual maintenance. – Bethany Silva, Life Science Industry Marketing Manager