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Warren Water Recovery Facility drives efficiency with innovative water sampler system 

Automatic water samplers provide high accuracy in composite sample application

Treating water for the city requires an efficient team and technological innovations to provide the city with clean water every day. The Water Recovery Facility in Warren, Michigan and its facility team has won several awards from the state of Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA) for their methods to preserve water resources and for premier utility management performance.  

To continue this quest for highest optimization, the Division Head, Bryan Clor, and his team retrofitted their composite sampler system with Endress+Hauser’s fully automatic Liquistation CSF34 water samplers to improve their efficiency and overall water sampling process. 

Outdated samplers spark a need for change

The plant’s current composite sampler system monitors the quality of the entire plant from seven sample points. Most facilities spread samplers throughout the plant, but the City of Warren team designed a specific room to house all the samplers in one place, right next to the lab for easy accessibility and maintenance, making it easier for staff to monitor, maintain and clean them as often as needed throughout the day. The samplers also share a single drain that recycles to the head of the plant and a single air circulation system for greater efficiency 

However, these current samplers were over 20 years old and were discontinued by the manufacturer. This made it impossible to get replacement parts or service for malfunctions. Between consistent clogging and overflowing sewage and an open basin design that allowed the smell and fumes to fill the room – it was a battle to keep the samplers clean inside and out. Over time, mechanical and electronic parts had to be swapped between units making it an unsustainable process. 

Andrew Hayman in the
sampler room.

“We truly loved our old samplers and were worried about adapting to a new technology. We looked at multiple different models and chose the one that we felt best fit our needs. We wanted to choose a model that would last for another 20 years. We had a limited footprint to use and had heard horror stories of how other plants had struggled in the past with a similar conversion.”

Andrew Hayman, Lab Director

Process optimizing solutions with CSF34 water sampler

Brian Gallagher with Forberg Smith, Endress+Hauser’s local representative, has had a relationship with The City of Warren Water Recovery Facility for several years. He suggested the use of Endress+Hauser’s fully automatic water sampler, the CSF34. Liquistation CSF34 samplers automatically take water samples for analysis and have a fail-safe cooling system, menu-guided sample programming and tool-free maintenance which saves the maintenance team valuable time. In fact, 95% of the maintenance tasks can now be completed by the lab staff “next door”, freeing up the maintenance team to service other parts of the plant. 

Liquistation CSF34

The process improvement didn’t stop there. During installation, Andrew Hayman, the Water Recovery Facility Lab Director, and their team realized they could improve accessibility to the samplers by installing a metal track system that was built to easily slide the samplers in and out. This allowed for quick access to the equipment without the interference of plumbing.  

Flow through attachment for pulling sample process out of the line and into Endress+Hauser sampler.

Since the implementation of the ten Endress+Hauser samplers, the team has experienced noticeable improvements. Not the most critical, but perhaps the most noticeable, is the quality of air in the sample room. Even more importantly, the samplers allow the team to conduct accurate monitoring of all permit-monitored sample points as well as non-permit points.  

The extra data helps them solve problems as they’re happening which prevents overtime and shutdowns. In the end, this conserves energy, saves money, reduces man-hours and optimizes the treatment process for the city. 

Read the full case study to learn more!

“So, with all the challenges I highlighted earlier we are so pleased with the final results. The sample room odors were less. The problems we faced with high-flow conditions in our old samplers were removed. In the end we received a better overall process. We could not be happier with the end results.”

Bryan Clor, Division Head

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