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City of Warren uses magmeter in waste activated sludge application

Warren Water Recovery Facility

The Proline Promag W full bore, requiring zero straight pipe run, provides high accuracy measurement

Wastewater treatment plants are challenged daily to ensure plant effluent meets or exceeds the state’s compliance limits. Treatment plants require field-proven process instrumentation to provide accurate and repeatable data for processes. Endress+Hauser’s Promag W unrestricted mounting 0 x DN electromagnetic flowmeter provides a solution for challenging applications by providing users with maximum measuring performance without concerns of pressure loss and typical straight pipe run requirements.

Constant recalibration – a time and money drain

The City was using an older technology that was not easy to validate. Personnel was comparing data with other meters they had installed downstream, and ultimately made decisions based on those comparisons. The older meter needed constant recalibration and its non-repeatable data was costing the City time and money. A new technology was needed. However, the space restrictions meant a new meter would have to be mounted with zero straight pipe run both upstream and downstream of the sensor tube.

The City of Warren is supported by Forberg Smith, the local Endress+Hauser representative. Over the past few years, Brian Gallagher at Forberg Smith has worked closely with the City to build a positive, cooperative relationship. Gallagher shared Endress+Hauser’s latest electromagnetic flow technology and Bryan Clor saw how this innovation fit their goals. He made the decision to upgrade the plant’s old flowmeter.

“We wanted a reliable product that provides accurate data at a competitive price,” said Bryan Clor. “A reliable product that provides accurate data enables you to make good decisions in your plant.”

Promag W electromagnetic flowmeter

“Any other meter would’ve been three or four times more expensive due to installation costs alone. The new meter fit perfectly in the existing footprint and didn’t require modifications to the piping.”

After installing the Promag W unrestricted mounting 0 x DN electromagnetic flowmeter, the City of Warren Water Recovery Facility has had an easier time collecting accurate data while saving valuable time and money.


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