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Get to know our product managers: Alan Garza

Alan Garza

When did you begin working at Endress+Hauser?

Roughly two months after graduating from the University of Houston, I was awarded the opportunity to begin my career as a Rotational Engineer at Endress+Hauser USA in Greenwood, Indiana. Much like many other first-generation students, I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to attend a university and much less graduate with an Engineering degree from one. The rotational program was a perfect landing spot for me as it gave me the opportunity to understand, observe, and work in many different types of roles engineering graduates and technical professionals would undertake in this company. 

How did you become involved in Optical Analysis?   

My first role that introduced me to optical analysis was as an Inside Sales Engineer, and it all began as a challenge from my manager. Was I willing to take on a product line that was newer, highly technical, and advanced to our portfolio? He gave me a day to think about it. He gave me 24 more hours than I needed, my mind was made up and I wanted the challenge.   

What is your favorite thing about being a Product Manager?   

This is a difficult question as I have a few favorite parts about being a product manager. The first is being able to take products to market, analyze economic conditions, customer and industry requirements and advocate to have the best product possible for the US market. Another part that I really enjoy is to work cross-departmentally within Endress+Hauser.  To communicate one common goal, we must find out how we support our customers better. Doing this allows us to sharpen our plans on how we can work better together and provide full experience. From a go to market strategy, entry into new markets, and on how we can service and support our customers through the life of the products.  

What is your favorite optical product and/or capability?  

My favorite product is the J22 gas analyzer because it was my first launched product and the beginning of our next generation of optical analyzers. Besides the accuracy, repeatability, and serviceability, my favorite capability is that it is ready out of the box for the addition of hydrogen into the pipeline.  

Why do you think so many customers trust Endress+Hauser with optical analysis technology? 

Our optical analysis technology has been in the industry for decades. We brought much of this technology to the oil and gas market and went beyond the standards needed to keep the assets in the field safe and reliable. 

What is your most impactful customer experience? 

My most impactful customer experience was when working with a utilities company that was local to me and involved H2O, H2S and CO2 analysis of their natural gas supply. This made an impact because I know that our products keep not only the industry safe, but also the public. Having the best possible technology to keep me, my family and my friends safe really hits the feel-good senses.  

Where do you see yourself and the optical analysis product line expanding in five years? 

I see myself continuing to grow, continuing to develop members of our organization, and be a part of the innovations to come!   

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Thanks for the opportunity to tell a small part of my story and don’t forget to accept those challenges.   

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