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Customer events create atmosphere for continued industry growth 

Endress+Hauser is always looking for new and creative ways to engage our customers. Direct feedback from our customers is crucial in the improvements we make to every touchpoint our customers have with us. Each event has a unique purpose and goal. Whether it be an event with 100 attendees or a roundtable with five, interacting with individuals at customer events helps us share industry knowledge and better serve their needs.  

Here at Endress+Hauser we host numerous events throughout the year that give our customers the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders and learn more about our products. This offers us the chance to learn from customers, taking their feedback directly to our production centers and to our internal teams.  

Water/Wastewater Technical Forum in Denver, CO.

A unique way that we connect with customers is by working with our sales and service providers in each region of the country. By working directly with our team of local representatives, it’s a great way to remind our customers that their local team is there to support them before, during and after sales.  Creating these strong partnerships allows us to stay connected to our customers even after the event is over.  

Our customer events also give us the opportunity to network while still having fun and working hard in the process.  When hosting events on our campus in Greenwood, IN, customers get the opportunity to tour production centers and gain hands on experience at our PTU® (Process Training Unit).  

Industry events offer a voice to the customer 

We caught up with Nick Hanson, Industry Marketing Manager for Water/Wastewater, to get a deeper understanding of how he views customer events. Last year, Nick helped host three events that focused on the water/wastewater industry and our liquid analysis portfolio.  

Q: As an industry manager, how do customer events such as the technical forums impact your overall goals or strategies within the water/wastewater industry? 
A: These customer events are critical to staying in touch with the needs of our clients and partners. Without them, we cannot provide valuable solutions to meet the demands of a changing industry. Also, giving our customers this stage to voice feedback and requests is invaluable and not something you traditionally see many vendors do. 
Q: What specific actions do you take prior to the events to ensure that all attendees get the most out of the experience? 
A: Establishing a clear and concise agenda is key. Making sure everyone understands the format and intent of the event is the number one goal. These events are tailored to the regions and customers they serve, meaning we value their input prior to the event just as much as during the event! 
Q: What are you hoping to gain from your customer interactions this year? 
A: As we conduct more of these events, it is clear there is a lot of value we can bring to our customers that they weren’t previously aware of.  This immediate exposure to the benefits we can offer our customers today is the quick reward. While long-term success appears when we shape our products and services to meet their individual needs. Every year this iterative approach to our knowledge base will make our offering the best it can be. 


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