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Long Ridge Energy showcases successful use of clean hydrogen power

With the help of process measurement solutions from Endress+Hauser, a new Long Ridge Energy (LRE) power plant is successfully showcasing the viability of clean hydrogen in the global Power & Energy industry. 

Long Ridge Energy facility uses clean hydrogen
The Long Ridge Energy power plant terminal in Hannibal, Ohio USA

As the world grapples with climate change and natural resource limitations, governments, companies, and communities are heavily investing in the evaluation of various renewable energy solutions. Renewable sources of hydrogen are growing in importance as an alternative means of storing energy because they can be converted to heat and electricity by fuel cells or gas turbines at any time. 

The turbine at LRE’s Hannibal, Ohio USA facility accept natural gas as a feedstock. Although better for the environment than coal, natural gas is a fossil fuel which makes it subject to scrutiny from regulatory bodies and local communities. Hydrogen burns cleaner, providing a path for partially decarbonizing the fuel source. 

The challenges at hand 

Blending hydrogen with natural gas poses an increased risk of explosion, fire management, and environmental impact. Before injecting hydrogen into its existing natural gas grid infrastructure LRE, had to carefully mitigate these risks. 

Therefore, at the start of the project, the company set strict hydrogen cofiring requirements, including:  

• An accurate hydrogen injection system with blend validation 

 • The ability to scale operations easily and efficiently  

• Modern, smart measurement technology  

• Top-priority safety assurances 

Do you want to learn more? Check out our video and full case study!

A solution is found with reliable instrumentation

LRE has completed four comprehensive and successful tests of injecting and controlling 5% blends of hydrogen into natural gas to date. By obtaining its hydrogen for injection from a local chemical manufacturer’s byproduct and relying on the process automation expertise of its Endress+Hauser technology partner, LRE was able to accomplish their primary objectives. Company stakeholders teamed up with Endress+Hauser to provide consulting services and reliable measurement instrumentation to safely control the sensitive hydrogen-natural gas blend. 

The facility was fitted with a Coriolis flowmeter and a Raman spectroscopy-based analyzer to measure and validate hydrogen blending, plus a main fuel flowmeter downstream of the hydrogen injection point. 

 Raman Rxn5 process analyzer validates the gas
blend, trimming the Coriolis meter-driven doping control and
preventing hydrogen overshoot- allowing for clean hydrogen.
Raman Rxn5 process analyzer validates the gas
blend, trimming the Coriolis meter-driven doping control and
preventing hydrogen overshoot.

Accurate multivariable measurement 

Endress+Hauser’s Proline Promass Q Coriolis flowmeter was selected for use at the hydrogen injection point for blending into the fuel system. Downstream of the injection point, a Proline Promass F Coriolis flowmeter was installed to monitor the main line gas flow. Both Endress+Hauser flowmeters at the installation site are used in accordance with EPA fuel flow standards for calculating emissions, including adjusted emissions after introducing hydrogen. 

Real-time chemical composition measurement  

The team also added a Raman Rxn5 to the process to perform blend validation in order to mitigate the consequences of an off-balance gas blend, especially one with a high hydrogen content. 

Rxn5 for clean hydrogen
The Raman Rxn5 analyzer

“Here at Long Ridge, we had a first in the world achievement blending hydrogen in our fuel, working toward sustainable energy.”

Mark Berry, Program Manager, Long Ridge Energy

Clean hydrogen power provides local economic renewal 

In addition to helping reduce the world’s greenhouse gas footprint, another positive outcome of LRE’s renewable energy initiatives is the revival of the surrounding economic community. The new power plant has helped to restore economic stability in the area, bringing back hundreds of jobs lost due to the 2013 closure of a 50- year-old aluminum smelter at the same location. 

To learn more about how Endress+Hauser has helped LRE pave the way for a more sustainable future read the full case study! 


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