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Get to know our industry managers: Cesar Martinez

Natural Gas and LNG Industry Marketing Manager

When and why did you begin working at Endress+Hauser? 

Cesar Martinez

I started working at Endress+Hauser in 2008, after I saw an ad in the newspaper, as an inside sales engineer. I then left the company to join another but after a couple of years, I came back. The reason I came back here was that I found that compared to public companies, the working environment and culture of Endress+Hauser is unique. This company cares about people and values a work/life balance.

How did you become interested in the Natural Gas and LNG industry? 

I would like to highlight that the most important thing about this position is that it incapsulates gas in general. Which includes natural gas, LNG, carbon capture and blue hydrogen. What is most interesting is that we are in the worldwide energy transition which means we want to reduce our greenhouse emissions. We have aggressive targets to reduce our admissions to net zero by 2050. We will be switching from gasoline to electric vehicles, to hydrogen. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we need to begin implementing carbon capturing. LNG is the best energy transition fuel that we can use right now to reach that goal. I am honored to be part of the future of the energy industry.

What is your favorite thing about being an Industry Manager?

I love that this company gives us an opportunity to define how we want to take us to the next level in our industry. All my ideas for this end goal are taken into consideration and I feel grateful for being able to put my own stamp on things.

What do you find most fascinating about your industry? 

Most of what we are doing is as new for us as it is for the customer. We are part of the ground zero for this industry and I am excited to represent Endress+Hauser as a pioneer. We don’t know the future, but we know what we need to achieve. We will get there somehow, someway. The technology needed for the scale of the projects is not ready, but we are growing and developing to make this work.  Other industries like oil & gas and food and beverage, have already been working for years but we are at the starting line for LNG, carbon capture, and blue hydrogen. Both the customers and manufacturers are excited because we are learning so much together.

What are the challenges facing the Natural Gas and LNG industry? 

We have both internal and external challenges. The US specifically can lead the global supply of LNG for the world, especially since the European union just defined LNG as a green source of energy. The LNG demand is rising due to geopolitical conflicts. However, the LNG liquefaction and export terminals cannot meet demand. The current administration has implemented a more stringent process to get permits for the natural gas pipeline network, which would speed up transport time and meet demand. On one hand, we have the opportunity, the market, the terminals, and the business potential. On the other hand, we have limitations and boundaries for the quantity of pipelines that can be built. We need more permits to match the overall demand

How is the industry finding solutions to these challenges? 

Due to the high demand, there is no chance to wait in LNG transport. Since those couple of hours that it normally takes to wait for the loading and transporting are not feasible, companies are taking it in their hands to find a better and faster way to meet demand. There is no luxury to give away anymore. Endress+Hauser is the only company that has an inline LNG composition analyzer that can give results in measurements within seconds, rather than the hours like done before. Endress+Hauser has a great vantage point because we have the technology to speed up this process and help companies meet the demand of LNG. We are continually developing and providing solutions to these considerable challenges.  

What do you think the industry will look like in 5 years? 

In terms of LNG, we will be talking about a third wave of LNG investments. We are currently in the second wave and hopefully, LNG will be matching with natural gas investors. The carbon-capture businesses are expecting to increase by that time. We have a lot of projects in the pipeline that are receiving permits and investments. Every day, more companies are including carbon-capture into their processes and hopefully in 5 years, it will be part of every company’s procedure. Lastly, I believe blue hydrogen will finally have legs to stand on and be able to transition off the paper and into real development and use.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

This industry of Natural Gas, LNG, Carbon-capture and hydrogen is the perfect opportunity for Endress+Hauser to show the market that we are a player and a partner for them that is trusted. Not only because of the technology and development we have that can help, but we also have great quality people who work here. We want to become that long term partner and grow together with other companies and industries. Endress+Hauser’s goal in this industry is to help the world by reducing greenhouse emissions and to help future generations pave the way for green fuel.  

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