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Ensure the purity of your water with reliable Total Organic Carbon analyzers 

The purity of water is an important factor in the life sciences, power and energy and semiconductor industries. The total organic carbon (TOC) content is an important quality parameter in the production and use of ultrapure water. If the TOC content is too high the performance of water purification systems can be impaired or pharmaceutical batches can even be contaminated.  

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What is TOC and why is it important?  

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) refers to the amount of organic carbon present in pure water and aqueous systems. TOC is measured by oxidizing all present organic compounds into a form that can be quantified by the analyzer. Devices such as the low-range TOC CA78 and CA79 analyzers measure TOC by UV digestion and differential conductivity. This technique is a well-established method for TOC trace analysis. Total Organic Carbon is a key indicator of ultrapure water’s quality. Implementing highly accurate TOC analyzers is then critical when dealing with water that is ultrapure.   

Ultrapure water is almost or totally free from contaminants. The bacteria has been eliminated with UV radiation to reduce organic carbon and other contaminants to less than 50 ppb. High TOC concentrations can cause damage to water purification systems, contaminate pharmaceutical batches, or compromise the required water quality within these processes. This means that ensuring the quality of ultrapure water is important for laboratories across many industries including oil and gas, power and energy, and life sciences.   

Total Organic Carbon analyzers provide high quality ultrapure water  

For WFI (Water for Injection) the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) requires a TOC limit of 500 ppb. Ultrapure water also requires there be less than 5.0 ppb TOC present in the water. That is why it is essential to have continuous monitoring and alteration to keep the TOC levels down. The CA78 and CA79 analyzers provide continuous, accurate TOC online monitoring ensuring consistently high quality of the ultrapure water used in your production processes and compliance to USP requirements. 

The analyzers measure continuously providing a fast response time (t90) of 50 seconds. This enables users to react quickly to changes in the process conditions and protect their product effectively, saving the plant both time and resources.  

The CA78 is designed for precise online TOC monitoring in power plants and semiconductor production. 

The CA79 is designed for precise online TOC monitoring in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. The CA79 also provides clear documentation of relevant events, regular quality reports and system suitability tests, giving you the peace of mind that you are receiving the most accurate reading from your device.    

Low-range TOC analyzer
Low-range TOC CA78 analyzer open

Both analyzers also have a maintenance-friendly design in combination with Endress+Hauser’s worldwide service network which offers you complete support for the measuring point from commissioning throughout the entire lifecycle of the device. 


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