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Optimize your plant’s processes with Endress+Hauser technical support services 

Ensure you are getting the most out of your instrument’s capabilities by talking with one of our technical support services experts today.  

Your success is our success 

With locations in both Greenwood, IN and Pearland, TX your local Endress+Hauser support network of technical support experts are on call 24/7 to guide and support you remotely with diagnostics and troubleshooting. They also provide proactive alerts to optimize your plant’s availability and performance, reduce outages and minimize disruption. 

As an extension of the customers team, it is our goal to ensure that your instrument is working accurately to bring you and your operations success. With a group of technical experts on call for each of our product lines (flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature and system products) you can rest assured we will help support you and your challenges no matter the device.  

technical support services and customer support services

These benefits are only a call away:  

Increase plant availability 

We support you in rapidly resolving any disruption you might experience with your Endress+Hauser process instruments, software, or solutions, to minimize operations downtime. 

Minimize costly field service visits 

Solve your process instrumentation issues remotely. Save valuable time and costs for on-site visits. 

Ease your maintenance work 

Leverage our support platform to resolve issues autonomously and broaden your instrumentation expertise. 

No time to call? When you create a free account with our service portal, you also gain access to our extensive knowledge articles to help answer commonly asked questions like these:  

1- technical support services benefits

How do I wire up my device?  

No matter what device you have installed, it is important to wire it properly to ensure its success in your processes.  

how to wire device

How do I wire up my device

2-techncial support services benefits

How do I change the settings on my device?  

The ability to change the settings on your device is very useful. It is similar to re-arranging the icons on your smart phone. Some people want to have their games on one screen and their social media on another.  You may decide that you need your device to be able to read a different range (going from 0 to 60 instead of 0 to 100 gallons per minute) or change the measurement variable (reading flow rate or reading a density value). Knowing how to customize your device will allow you to be self-sufficient. 

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3- technical support services benefits

What does this error code mean? 

The ability to both accurately and efficiently identify what an error code means on your device will allow you to pinpoint the exact problem your product is having and react accordingly.  

what does this error code mean

What do I do if my device is not reading correctly?  

The ability of your device to read accurately is vitally important to the success of your processes. Search for this knowledge article to help you navigate the next steps to solving this issue. 

what do I do if my device is not reading correctly

Can I add something to my device (i.e., adding a new feature like a display; AKA performing an alteration)?  

Adding additional features to your device can be a game changer in ensuring your processes are running optimally. For example, having devices equipped with verification features such as Heartbeat Technology® will enable you to regularly monitor its performance and identify a problem before it happens. You can also run system checks at any time to verify it is still measuring the appropriate values. If something is wrong, this system check can generate a report showing where the error may be. 

Check out our entire product portfolio with Heartbeat Technology 


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