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US representative partner spotlight: TriNova, Inc. 

TriNova Inc., previously known as Frank A Thomas company, was established in 1954 based out of Mobile, Alabama. Frank A Thomas company was sold to Robbie Watson in 1998 and the name changed to TriNova. TriNova has always been a manufacturer representative for instrumentation and covers customers in Alabama. TriNova was the first to install the PTU® (Process Training Unit) in their Memphis location in 2006 and has since installed three more over the years. TriNova’s focus has always been to support customers’ instrumentation needs. They have been a service company for many years and service instrumentation units for their customers, whether it is commissioning units, start-up, troubleshooting or shutdowns and turnarounds. 

 What is the unique value you bring to your customers through your products and services? 

TriNova Inc. brings unique value to our customers through products and services and differentiating ourselves by offering customization options that allow customers to tailor products and services to their specific needs. TriNova also strives to provide high-quality products with convenient services such as fast delivery or easy-to-use digital platforms. Providing the best customer service is their goal with all of our customers, internally and externally. 

Can you describe the steps you take in order to build and maintain your relationship with customers? 

We utilize several methods to build and maintain our relationships with our customers. We gather customer feedback through surveys, social media and in-person meetings to gain insight into our experience. We also strive to provide excellent customer service by responding to inquiries and resolving issues promptly and efficiently through our sales team. Our service team supports our customers by being reliable and available to handle the requests that arise. 

TriNova’s portfolio includes different types of products for various applications. They represent fire and gas, heat tracing, air-dryers, compressors and valves.  

At TriNova, their training and service capabilities are a large part of their portfolio. They have service technicians in all six office locations and provide training on their PTU’s in four of these. The three strengths of TriNova are:

  • technical product sales
  • service through installation
  • start-ups and training our customers and our employees

What is something you are continually improving on to maintain customer satisfaction? 

We continue to improve the customer experience through personalized communication and building trust with our customers by being transparent, reliable and consistent. 

What do you enjoy most about being a partner with Endress+Hauser? 

We enjoy having the support and innovative thinking welcomed by Endress+Hauser, which has brought us to new levels in what we can accomplish together. We enjoy the opportunities for collaboration and networking, and the ability to offer customers a comprehensive range of reliable and high-quality products and services. Additionally, by working with Endress+Hauser, we can contribute to creating a more sustainable future and meeting the needs of customers. 

TriNova is a company that wants to see our employees excel in what they do best; we are one big family. Our culture shows integrity, hard work, eagerness and competitiveness among our employees to strive to be the best we can always be. We treat each other respectfully and offer help when needed, no matter the challenge(s) we face to conquer.”

Robbie Watson, President of TriNova


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