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US representative partner spotlight: George E. Booth Co., LLC   

George E. Booth Co., LLC is a distributor of process instrumentation products and related services, established in 1963 by George E. Booth, Sr. We have offices in Indianapolis, Indiana; Calvert City, Kentucky; and Romeoville, Illinois. Our community focuses on hiring engineers with experience to bring solutions to our customers.  Our employees go through an extensive training program that begins on their first day and never stops. We also work with manufacturers to create in-house classroom opportunities for personnel and their customer’s employees to stay current on the latest technologies, applications, and control techniques.  

What is the unique value you bring to your customers through your products and services?  

The unique value that George E. Booth Co., LLC brings to our customers is its focus on hiring engineers as personnel who have extensive experience and training to provide solutions for our customers. We have product specialists who study and work with specific product technologies to provide in-depth technical support to solve process problems.  

Can you describe the steps you take in order to build and maintain your relationship with customers?  

In George E. Booth Co., LLC we take several steps to build and maintain our relationships with customers: 

  1. People are what makes our business and are our greatest asset. We strive to hire engineers in our sales roles. This provides our customers, vendors and team members with better experiences as they have expertise and can provide solutions for the industries we serve.  
  2. Extensive training program: We provide an extensive training program that starts on the employee’s first day and never stops. This ensures that our employees are up to date with the latest technologies, applications and control techniques. 
  3. In-house classroom opportunities: We work with our manufacturers to create in-house classroom opportunities for their personnel and customers’ employees to stay current with the latest technologies. 
  4. Product specialists: We have product specialists who spend most of their time studying and working with specific product technologies. These specialists are available to all customer service specialists when in-depth technical support is required to solve a customer’s process problem. 
  5. Territory Sales Managers: We have Territory Sales Managers located in every region of our sales territory. They are available to come to the customer’s site and assist with solutions as necessary. 

By taking these steps, our company can build and maintain a strong relationship with our customers. They provide the necessary technical support and expertise to ensure that our customers get the best products and services. 

The George E. Booth Co., LLC offers a comprehensive portfolio of process instrumentation products and related services to our customers in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.  These services include:

  • Calibration 
  • Embedded Service Technicians 
  • Custom Valve Assembly 
  • On-Site Calibration 
  • Lab/Factory Calibration  
  • Loop Checks & Verification  
  • Industrial/Control Valve Maintenance 
  • SCADA System Integration  
  • Control Panel Fabrication  
  • Steam Trap Audits  
  • Site Start–up / Commissioning 

What is something you are continually improving on to maintain customer satisfaction?  

George E. Booth Co., LLC is continually improving on its training and education programs to ensure that its employees are up to date on the latest technologies and applications. By investing in the education and training of its employees, our company can provide knowledgeable and efficient customer service, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.  

What do you enjoy most about being a partner with Endress+Hauser?  

In George E. Booth Co., LLC we value our partnership with Endress+Hauser and we have had a longstanding professional relationship with them for more than 20 years. We have consistently been one of the largest representatives of Endress+Hauser instrumentation products, which suggests that we appreciate the quality and reliability of their products. We likely enjoy the benefits of working with a reputable and experienced company like Endress+Hauser, which can help us provide our customers with the best possible solutions and support. 

Shaun Beauchesne, Vice President- Sales of George E. Booth Co.

“George E. Booth company is a family-owned company that partners and collaborates with our customers and suppliers to improve efficiency and reduce downtime leading to a healthy, more sustainable world.  We pride ourselves on providing profound customer experiences each and every day from quote, to delivery, to start-up and life cycle management. ”

Shaun Beauchesne, Vice President- Sales


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