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The past, the present and the future of Endress+Hauser

At Endress+Hauser, eyes are always set on the future. Still, there remains a dedication to the values it has maintained in its 70-year existence—values that have been staples in the company’s success.

Each era— the past, present, and future—has and continues to play, a critical role.

Looking Back

For seven decades, Endress+Hauser has excelled in the world of process automation and developed skills and technology to maintain and build upon its customer relationships.

Dr. Klaus Endress, son of founder Dr. Georg H. Endress, has served 45 years with the company and will soon retire from his current position of acting President of the Supervisory Board, but will remain chairman of the Family Council.

One of the most essential traits Dr. Klaus developed at Endress+Hauser was the prioritization of growth and development within each company sector.

“A large tree takes many years to grow. It evolves every day. No part is neglected. This is perhaps the most important insight: for the company to thrive, you must develop all its parts. That’s what we’ve always done at Endress+Hauser.”

Dr. Klaus Endress

Company sales cannot happen without the production and development in technology and vice versa. Throughout the years, Dr. Klaus has aimed to ensure that every Endress+Hauser employee feels like a vital piece of the puzzle in the company’s success. As Dr. Klaus moves into the next chapter of his life, he offers insightful information for the younger generations.

“Use the opportunities you have for good education, gain experience, go out into the world at a young age and acquire all the skills you need to realize your goals and dreams,” Endress says.

This mindset will allow Endress+Hauser to continue growing and allow younger generations who join the company to prosper exponentially.

Looking Now

The history of Endress+Hauser is essential to revisit, but it is also important to have eyes set on a positive future. When the company went international with the opening of a sales center in the United States, business started booming. The move to the North American region – the United States specifically – has been vital in the organization’s success thus far. Endress+Hauser USA General Manager, Todd Lucey, focuses on the established relationships with customers and representative partners to ensure the positive evolution of the business.

According to Lucey, finding representative organizations with leadership and ownership that have the same culture as Endress+Hauser is crucial.

The U.S is unique because of its representative network. Today, the company has 13 representative offices around the country that work closely to serve its customers in those regions. Endress+Hauser continually strives to maintain and strengthen its relationship with its representative partners, according to Lucey.

When Endress+Hauser opened another sales center in Pearland, Texas just a few years ago, its local partner, Vector Controls and Automation Group, made the move to the new facility as well. Collaboration like this drives business and ensures great relationships with customers. Being a family-owned company has allowed Endress+Hauser to put its best foot forward when it comes to serving its customers. Most recently, the company introduced its “main instrument vendor” or MIV approach to projects and services. MIV focuses on many different services, some of those being startup and commissioning and front-end engineering design. These MIV projects ensure that Endress+Hauser is helping customers to the greatest extent possible.

Looking Forward

As the world continues to grow, Endress+Hauser strives to evolve with it.

Once Dr. Klaus Endress steps down, the current Endress+Hauser CEO, Matthias Altendorf, plans to continue the legacy and uphold the spirit, quality and power of innovation within the company as he moves on to fill Dr. Klaus Endress’s role on the Council.

As Endress+Hauser marches forward, Altendorf believes it is essential the company lives out its core values: excellence, commitment, sustainability and friendliness.

Establishing its plan to adhere to those values as the company maneuvers through new challenges, is of the utmost importance. Meeting the needs of customers while still maintaining operational performance is a primary challenge Endress+Hauser plans to tackle head-on. According to Altendorf, Endress+Hauser will strive to learn from those challenges and treat them as learning lessons rather than setbacks.

To gain a full picture of who a company like Endress+Hauser is, it is important to take time to reflect on its past, present, and future as we have done here. Holistically, the positive culture at Endress+Hauser allows the company to continue to strive to uncover problems and solve them.

“The world needs process automation to improve in every aspect and we are glad to be part of that journey.”

Matthias Altendorf
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