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Water in the digital age: Netilion Water Network Insights

Software solution for the water and wastewater industry 

At Endress+Hauser, we understand the practical and quality needs in the water industry are demanding. That’s why we’ve made it our primary goal to create practical solutions to ensure everything works perfectly on your end. One such solution is Netilion Water Network Insights, a cloud-based, certified and vendor-independent IIoT ecosystem from Endress+Hauser. This solution helps users continuously monitor and improve their processes and procedures – whether in the field or in the control center.

With Netilion Water Network Insights, you will be able to optimize your processes across the entire water cycle while collecting all important measuring variables and displaying the data in a customizable visualization. This allows you to react quickly to incidents and save on operating and energy costs. We break down how this impacts process points in both water industries below. 

Drinking and process water applications

Netilion Water Network Insights is the ideal solution for minimizing routine walkarounds, maintaining a full overview of manual data collection and providing clear visibility into your water operations. Netilion Water Network Insights certainly guarantees reliable control of water flows in spring tapping, elevated reservoirs, pipelines and in pumping and distribution stations. 

Drinking and process water map
How remote monitoring and maintenance with Netilion Water Network Insights impacts the process: 

1. Water abstraction: Assures water quality and quantity, evaluates productivity of water sources, and tracks pump efficiency  

2. Water storage: Optimizes reservoir management, assures operational reliability, and tracks pump efficiency 

3. Water distribution: Detects water losses, reports water consumption, enables consumption-based billing, and provides remote verification to ensure accuracy 

Product highlight – Promag W 800 electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Eliminate power grid dependencies
  • Up to 15-year battery life
  • Integrated with Heartbeat Technology for verification and build-up detection

Check out the Promag W 800 product page

Promag 800 Product Image

Wastewater applications

Netilion Water Network Insights ensures that water associations and waterworks maintain clear visibility of monitored measurements, at all times, day, or night–in the field, on the smart device or in the control room. 

How remote monitoring and maintenance with Netilion Water Network Insights impacts the process: 

1. In/Outflows for industrial users: Validates industrial water usage, evaluates efficiency of water treatment, enables consumption-based billing, and optimizes utility networks 

2. Inflow wastewater treatment: Gives advanced warning to scale capacity, assures channel network reliability, optimizes wastewater pump efficiency, and enables quantity/quality-based billing 

3. Outflow wastewater treatment: Online tracking of water quantity and quality, reduces periodic inspections and calibration intervals of flow verifications, and optimizes refilling of sampler

Product highlight – Liquiline System CA80TP total phosphorus analyzer and CA80AM ammonium analyzer
  • Perfectly suited for environmental monitoring, industrial and municipal wastewater applications
  • High-precision measurements at all critical points
  • Fast and easy process integration

Check out the CA80TP product page and the CA80AM product page.

Liquiline CA80TP and CA80AM

Achieve system integration with Netilion Water Network Insights

The Netilion solution enables simple and remote device verification during operations thanks to our Heartbeat Technology. What you can expect with this integration:

  • Permanent process and device diagnostics to increase reliability and safety
  • Accurate, reliable inline verification without process interruption to enhance productivity while ensuring compliance
  • Information for process optimization and timely prediction of maintenance needs
  • Capability to execute centrally for numerous field devices, as shown in the graphic below
If you have questions about how the cloud-based Netilion software solution could be a good fit for your water applications, please reach out to our team anytime.