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Is your safety instrumented system letting you down?

Reducing risk and ensuring safety is the number one goal for any chemical plant operator or manager. But how do plant operators know they are operating their tanks at safe levels? How can they prevent hazardous overfills and tank spills? This is where a safety instrumented system (SIS) comes in.

Chemical companies use safety instrumented systems to provide added layers of risk reduction for potentially hazardous industrial processes. When the process control layer is not able to shut out a process, this is when the safety layers serves as backup. The SIS will automatically take the process back to the safe state if the specific condition is violated. It’s the last layer of protection before a process error occurs. This is why it’s so important to design and maintain the system properly.

So how can you ensure your safety instrumented system will respond properly?

Endress+Hauser experts, Howard Siew, Chemical Industry Marketing Manager and Thomas Fritz, Global Process Safety Consultant, sat down with Keith Larson, publisher of Control magazine. In this podcast they discuss the role of instrumentation and safety system integrity as well as the range of technologies and strategies available to make sure your instruments are running efficiently and reliably.

Listen to the podcast to learn more!


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