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Get to know our Product Managers: Mason Flannery

Flow Product Marketing Manager

When and why did you begin working at Endress+Hauser?

Mason Flannery

I started at Endress+Hauser in 2016, in the Rotational Engineering Development Program in Greenwood, Indiana. The reason I chose Endress+Hauser was because I wanted to work for a company in the technology space that is innovating products. Endress+Hauser invests in their employees and values them. In the Rotational Engineer Development Program, your job in your first year is to train and learn, which means the company is investing in you and giving you the opportunity to explore different departments. This helps you position yourself in the best career fit for you. It is an investment in not only your success, but also the company’s success as well.

What attracted you to the flow product field?

Two big things, primarily. The first is that our flow instrumentation portfolio is important for the bottom line of the business. I like the challenge of that and with that, there is also a lot of pressure and opportunity for success. Secondly, the technology is very rational and makes sense to me. By looking at application conditions and making the best fit using the technology, it is likely going to work in any strategic application.

Why do you think that so many customers trust Endress+Hauser with flow technology?

There are three main things. The first is the family culture of the company. We try to serve our customers first and do what is best for them before selling a product. We don’t attempt gamesmanship with bidding or overselling our specs. We try to build the best technology possible and apply it to solve a problem. Which I think stems from the family-oriented culture. The second thing is that we build very precise, high-quality products. No one has ever said that Endress+Hauser products are low quality. The consensus is that we offer high-quality products and customers trust that. The third is that everyone is passionate about what they do here, and you hear that from talking to coworkers. We all want the customer and company to succeed, and we are willing to do what it takes to get there. It is the same kind of culture in sales as it is on the service side. We have a whole team of people in every country who are going to do whatever they can to help fix problems.

What is your favorite flow product?

My favorite flow product is the Prosonic Flow G Ultrasonic Flowmeter. When we launched it, I saw a lot of opportunities in the product for our customers. There are technologies that try to solve and fit many things, but this is something that meets a certain need and is priced at the right point. We did well at displacing competitor technology that we don’t have and replaced it with this meter. We took a very technical application principle and put it in a user-friendly device.

What is your favorite thing about being a Flow Product Marketing Manager?

One of the things I’ve enjoyed in the last month is meeting my counterparts around the globe and talking with them about the same problems and issues. We are able to empathize, understand, and help one another solve local problems. I had been hyper-focused in Texas in my last position but now I must expand my horizons and look at things differently. This position has given me the opportunity to learn so much and connect with others.

What is the most impactful customer experience you have had?

The most impactful experience I had was a time when we came up short on an order for a customer. We had some product quality issues where thousands of meters were either damaged or the design was incorrect for their systems. Through all of that, over four years, the customer never wavered in trusting and buying from us. That showed me that our culture and brand shines more than the mistakes we make. We follow through, no matter what. In that situation, we never once swept anything under the rug, and we took responsibility for our mistakes and resolved everything. Transparency is a value of this company, and we do the right things here.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am coming up on six years with Endress+Hauser. I had no idea when I started six years ago that I would be where I am right now in this time frame. In the next five years, I’d like to be working to solve customers’ problems, finding solutions, and thinking outside the box; which is currently my favorite part of my job right now. Any opportunity that allows me to interact directly with customers is something I want to make sure I am still doing.

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