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Facility Tour: Explore Endress+Hauser’s Level+Pressure USA

Tour the facility

In 2013, Endress+Hauser opened a new world-class 100,000 square feet Level+Pressure facility on our Greenwood, IN campus to expand the North America production capabilities to meet the growing needs. The LEED certified facility offers a highly efficient, green working environment for employees. Products produced here meet specific needs of the industries we serve, including the most demanding applications. This includes devices that measure: 

See our production processes in our facility tour video below

Production of Products and Instrumentation

The production of your product starts at the machine shop and uses high-end CNC equipment to ensure quick and precise production of components and parts. A thorough cleaning process then guarantees optimal conditions for the ensuing of welding processes. Products are first visually inspected and then moved to nondestructive testing.  

Our operators are supported by computer-assisted assembly systems that identify specific instruments with a QR code. This confirms the correct parts are being used and the operators are performing proper assembly steps. Throughout production, the computer-assisted assembly system helps assure products: 

  • Quality
  • Performance 
  • Reliability  

There are applications found in the Chemical and Food and Beverage industry that requires pressure transmitters with fill fluids. Our custom-built and exclusive automated fill system enables the filling with a variety of fluids to meet specific industry requirements. 

Testing Instrumentation

All instruments produced at Level + Pressure USA are calibrated using state of the art equipment, providing optimal accuracy and traceability. References used for distance calibration of our radar level instruments are ten times more precise than the target accuracy of the calibrated instrument. This unique state of the art high pressure test can test sensors up to twelve feet and can accommodate a maximum pressure of 15,000 PSI.  

There are several nondestructive tests that instruments go through to provide safety and quality of your instruments such as:  

  • High voltage test – ensures the instrument is capable of operating over the span of its life. 
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing – verifies welds and seal assemblies 

Customer Satisfaction

Endress + Hauser facilities are always open for factory acceptance testing through video or in person. The facility is certified and qualified in management systems and stays in accordance with ISO 9001. The testing that goes on at our facility with lab technicians’ procedures and specialized equipment allows for dimension testing for machined parts, first article inspections factory acceptance testing, or requested procedures such as material traceability certification, surface roughness, or PMI testing. The same quality equipment, documentation of all tests, procedures, and all other instrument information is available to you. 

Our technicians and engineers work together to ensure the quality of your product and that it is delivered on time to ensure you can run your operation safely and efficiently. Endress+Hauser is your partner for process automation.