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Get to know our product managers: Greg Pryor

What drew you to the Temperature Marketing Manager role at Endress+Hauser? 

I started at Endress+Hauser in July 2021, and I applied for this role because it was a good combination of my marketing degree and my experience in temperature instrumentation. During the interview process, when I talked to other employees here, I felt like it would be a good fit from a personality standpoint. Overall, I wanted to join because of the job and the culture.  

Greg Pryor

What is your favorite thing about being a Product Manager? 

The variety of what my day to day is excites me.  Every day is something different, and I also get to talk about temperature instruments constantly and that is my passion. I can bring awareness and education to the company through my position, and I enjoy helping others understand my product category and its changes. 

What is your favorite temperature product and/or capability? 

Multipoint thermocouple assemblies have always been my favorite products because there is so much capability for customization. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to design hundreds and they are all unique and different. They are application specific, and I have always enjoyed the challenge of figuring out a solution that will work optimally for a customer.  

Why do you think that so many customers trust Endress+Hauser with temperature technology? 

I think originally it started with our transmitters because that is what we were known for in the temperature product category. I think as our portfolio grew over the years to include a lot of temperature assemblies, that same reputation for quality has translated over. Customers know that if they are getting an Endress+Hauser product, it is going to be high-quality and do exactly what they need it to do. 

Where do you see yourself and the temperature product line expanding in five years? 

I see myself in this role in five years. I am still just getting started on figuring out how best to do this job and because I have so much flexibility and variety, there are still so many other ways I can help grow temperature and there is still so much to learn. That is what my job is all about, helping grow our temperature product line and I love it because it is a perfect fit for me.  

Our temperature business is growing at a rapid pace and our product category has the space for the business to grow. I think we are going to continue to refine and improve our portfolio over the next five years. I have seen some of the things that are coming, and it is exciting to see what will happen when we introduce some of them into the market. The basic principles of how Thermocouples and RTDs (resistance temperature detector) work have not changed, but all the other pieces beyond that allow for innovations and upgrades.  Endress+Hauser is very much invested in temperature products and there will always be new innovations in our portfolio.  

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