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Get to know our Liquid Analysis Product Managers

Liquid Analysis Product Marketing Manager: Thomas Chirdo

thomas chirdo headshot

When and why did you begin working at Endress+Hauser?  

I began working at Endress+Hauser in February of 2019, just passed my four-year mark. I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas at Tyler. While I was looking for my next career move, I came across Endress+Hauser. They looked like they had a great work culture and it seemed interesting to work in process instrumentation.   

How did you become involved in liquid analysis?   

I was introduced to liquid analysis when I was an Inside Sales Engineer. My manager and I were talking about my work history, and I told them I used to be a lifeguard and work for a pool company. Their response was “Well, that’s great. You know pH and you know chlorine. So, why don’t you become the liquid analysis champion on the inside sales engineer team?” From then on, my entire Endress+Hauser career, except for one month has been in liquid analysis. 

What is your favorite thing about being a product marketing manager?  

I like the ability to direct where Endress+Hauser Liquid Analysis business is going on a national level and get direct feedback from our partners in the field. I enjoy the opportunity to set up training programs, release products and set up online seminars that we host. I also like getting involved in and providing input on the decisions that affect and impact our liquid analysis business. It’s interesting to see our go-to-market strategy and its implementation. It’s also interesting to watch the market and how we must adapt to meet the needs of the fluctuations that happen.   

What is your most impactful customer experience?   

When I was still an inside sales engineer and the analytical champion, I was able to be a part of a large water/wastewater project. The customer had never used Endress+Hauser liquid analysis products before and we were able to work with their team to show them the benefits and features that Memosens® and the Liquiline transmitter platform could provide.  The customer originally was looking at another instrumentation company to provide them with sensors and analyzers for the project. After we met with them and presented our liquid analysis portfolio and the capabilities of our sensors and transmitters, they ended up awarding Endress+Hauser the project which included a substantial amount of liquid analysis products.

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Liquid Analysis Product Marketing Manager: Steve Smith

Steven Smith

When and why did you begin working at Endress+Hauser?   

I joined Endress+Hauser USA in May 2011. My initial role with Endress+Hauser USA was as the Western Regional Liquid Analysis Product Business Manager. In 2015, I transitioned to a broader role as a National Product Marketing Manager for Liquid Analysis. I continue to work in this role today. I joined Endress+Hauser because I knew of the company and its products since the late 80’s when I was working for another instrumentation company. I have always admired the quality of Endress+Hauser products and the fact that we are a technology leader in the market. The fact that we are driven by customers’ desires for innovative technologies and prioritize putting our customers first is what drew me to the company.  

How did you become involved in Liquid Analysis?   

I began my career in instrumentation in 1987, working with mass flowmeters as the Industry Marketing Manager for food, beverage and life sciences for another manufacturer.  After working for 14 years in Coriolis mass flow metering, I had the opportunity to work in the semiconductor market as a Product Manager for the vacuum gauging product line at another company. This gave me significant exposure to the semiconductor market on an international level. Then, I began working in earnest in Liquid Analysis in 2006 when I became a TOC analyzer Product Manager for another manufacturer. As a chemist by degree, this allowed me to combine my academic knowledge with industrial instrumentation. I joined Endress+Hauser shortly after.

What is your favorite thing about being a Product Manager?   

As a product manager, I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate directly with customers and bring them the best technology possible to solve process issues. I gain a great deal of satisfaction knowing we provide the measurement solutions customers need to produce their high-quality products. I also enjoy imparting knowledge across the organization and to our sales representatives so we can clearly articulate the value we bring, and the benefit customers gain from using our technologies. Finally, I enjoy the international nature of my role.  I have had the opportunity to work internationally, exposing me to diverse cultures, which has helped me broaden my perspective.    

What is your favorite liquid analysis product and/or capability?   

The Endress+Hauser liquid analysis portfolio is built upon two key technologies – Liquiline electronics and Memosens. Liquiline electronics offers a broad range of capabilities that allow it to be flexible in virtually any situation. When you combine the Liquiline electronics technology with Memosens you have a powerful solution of liquid analysis applications. Memosens offers a unique mechanical connection between our sensors and their cable with digital communications between the sensor and the transmitter.  Liquiline and Memosens are truly differentiated technologies that set us apart from our competitors.

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Why do you think so many customers trust Endress+Hauser with liquid analysis technology?  

 Customers trust us because we are providing innovative technology that helps them to better control their process. Customers have come to realize that we are not there to simply sell them a product and move on. We are there all along the way with high-quality, leading-edge technologies. Customers trust they can have peace of mind when they have applied our liquid analysis products in their process and if something does go wrong, we will be there standing behind the product to make it right. 

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