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Get to know our Level & Pressure Products Managers 

Level & Pressure Product Marketing Manager: Ashley David 

Ashley David

When and why did you start working at Endress+Hauser? 

I started working at Endress+Hauser in 2015 doing technical support for Level & Pressure. I was fresh out of college, looking to start with a company that gave me the potential to grow. I have since held multiple positions in the company like Regional Product Business Manager and Product Marketing Manager on a national level. Throughout my time at Endress+Hauser, I’ve handled level and/or pressure in some capacity from field and phone support to product marketing and product launches. 

Why do you think that so many customers trust Endress+Hauser with level technology?  

Endress+Hauser was originally a level company, we started with measuring level for our customers. We have been trusted to keep our customers safe with our tuning forks and high-level switches for a very long time. Customers know they are getting high quality products from a company that is investing in product development, as well as the development of their employees that work on the products.  

What attracted you to the level and pressure product fields?  

Pressure is one the most commonly measured points in our industry. I like the versatility that this product gives me in terms of industry engagement and customer processes. I enjoy learning about customer processes because it sparks my curiosity when it comes to how the world works.  

I have the privilege to see how everything is made and get to do so through my product line. I enjoy working with level because it can be a very technically challenging product. Level is frequently used to keep workers and the general population safe. I like being a part of keeping everyday people safe while they do their jobs.  

Can you think of a moment of pride you’ve had while being with Endress+Hauser? 

One of the moments that sticks out for me was when I was working in technical support. I had been working on a difficult guided wave radar application with a customer, measuring a very low dielectric. We had set up together multiple radars and when we finished, the customer was extremely excited. He explained to me because the instruments were working, they would no longer need to send operators up on these very high vessels. They would no longer be exposed to dangerous products that could cause emphysema and it would prevent them from possibly falling. These were being installed in a region where it would be very cold, which would allow the operators to stay inside and not need to manually measure the vessels. I think that’s when it fully clicked to me how important what we do is for the industry.  

Is there anything you think we should know about you or your role that we didn’t ask? 

Product marketing management is a lot more than developing marketing content and launching new products. We are working to not only tell the customers’ story but also develop and release products to the industry that are pertinent and applicable to our customers. I enjoy that I get to touch so many different parts of the company in my current role, as well as being on the forefront of the technology we are releasing. It’s important to keep in mind the impact that we all have through our roles and with our customers. 

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Level & Pressure Product Marketing Manager: Keith Riley 

Keith Riley

When and why did you start working at Endress+Hauser? 

I began working at Endress+Hauser in 2008 as a Level Product Manager. Endress+Hauser’s cutting-edge technologies and their desire to partner with customers to solve problems and not simply sell products is what drew me to the company. 

 What is your favorite part of your job? 

The problem-solving aspect. The ability to solve today’s problems is always satisfying. However, the ability to work with customers and plan for the future, in a way that helps both organizations to grow and avoid problems, is the best part. 

 What are some of your favorite Pressure products? 

My favorite pressure products would have to be our newest generation of Cerabar and Deltabar products. The transmitters address the most important customer values of simplicity, smart safety and productivity. The features in these products address today’s real-world challenges in a manner that will help the customer move forward in their digitalization and industry 4.0 journey. 

Can you think of a moment of pride you’ve had while being with Endress+Hauser? 

There are many and all are team successes. Whether it is meeting aggressive timelines, solving new challenges, or launching a new product. All successful endeavors involve a team of talented people. Once again, I would have to say I am proud of the introduction of our newest generation of Cerabar and Deltabar pressure products. These are very innovative and have been very well accepted by the market. 

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Level & Pressure Product Marketing Manager: Scott Peterson 

Scott Peterson

When and why did you start working at Endress+Hauser? 

I started working at Endress+Hauser in March of 2021. I came to Endress+Hauser after working for many years at another company in the industry. The breadth and strength of Endress+Hauser’s portfolio and the culture is what interested me the most about working here. 

What is your favorite part of your job as a Product Manager?   

My favorite part of the job is interacting in a collaborative way with the members on my team to find solutions to problems. 

 What are some of your favorite Level products?  

 My favorite level products are the Levelflex FMP55 and the Gamma product family. Both products are either unique to Endress+Hauser or provide a working solution that no other technology can provide. 

Can you think of a moment of pride you’ve had while being with Endress+Hauser?  

I’m most proud of being a contributing part of a company that has repeatedly shown record growth throughout my first year with the company. 

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