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Get to know our industry managers: Kris Worfe

Chemical Industry Marketing Manager

Why did you begin working at Endress+Hauser?

Kris Worfe

I wanted to work for a privately held company that was seriously dedicated to growth. The investments we are making in the US are huge and there are not really any other instrumentation companies that are doing it. Endress+Hauser also values exceptional manufacturing, customer support and care for its employees, which is important to me. Plus, they have world-class instruments, and they always will. 

How did you become interested in the Chemical Industry? 

Honestly, it was by mistake. I did not have any intention of joining the chemical industry when I was in college and as I grew up, I did not know it existed but when I moved to the Freeport, Texas area, I realized the city holds all the chemical plants. Anybody who lives down there either works at one of the plants or is associated with the plants. It was easy to get into the business because I knew people and the business needed newcomers. I dove in and stuck with it. I have been involved with instrumentation for 22 years now. It has been a rewarding career. 

What is your favorite thing about being an Industry Manager? 

The most enjoyable part is knowing that I help make decisions and set strategies that will help shape the business to best fit the trends of the chemical industry. I will be able to look back and see how I had influenced developing projects and streams in the industry. It is rewarding to look back and say, “We saw that coming and offered a solution.” 

What do you find most fascinating about the Chemical Industry? 

It always surprises me because once you think you have it figured it out, it sneaks up on you and embraces modern technology such as alternative fuels and emissions. As much as the chemical industry is seen as a conservative industry, it can adjust fast and keep up with the times and technology.  

What are the challenges facing the Chemical industry? 

There is a lack of experienced people. A lot of the people with experience are retiring and now there is a big gap in knowledge in the industry, which causes those people to depend more on suppliers and vendors for help. Globalization has forced our industry to be leaner, which causes less focus. More turnover in the newer generations is a challenge as well. The new people that are coming in have a very steep learning curve. It is also hard for those with a lot of experience because they must wear 2 or 3 hats as opposed to before when there were copious amounts of people in the industry. Environmental aspects also affect the industry due to the expenses caused by new protective laws.  

How is the industry finding solutions to the challenges?  

They are doing the best they can and recruiting younger people and preparing them early to take these bigger roles. I see it spending more time training, recruiting, and planning. It is also an opportunity for us as a supplier to partner more with our customers and be in-house advisers. For the environmental side, they are knuckling down on research and development and making sure to do things cleaner and better.  

What do you think the industry will look like in 5 years?  

It will be bigger due to expansion. The Poly and plastics side will grow, anything based on hydrocarbons will grow, specialty chemicals will grow but household chemicals will stay the same. Other than that, I think the demand for chemicals, and products made from them, will only grow. It may shift to world areas, but it is not going away. I just hope we continue to invest in the US because we need base chemicals here. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Endress+Hauser?  

I love that Endress+Hauser invests in the US and is committed to growth in the US family. It has grown a lot since being here, but it always keeps that same family-feeling. That can be attributed to it being a private company that is family-owned.  

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

I have met a lot of good people in this industry, and I am glad to see that everyone in the business is working together to solve a bigger picture.  

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