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Advanced Data Manager technology offers reliability and cost savings to a chemical plant  

Goulston Technologies, Inc.

Located in Monroe, North Carolina, Goulston Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of surface modification technologies for fiber lubricant products in the chemical industry. To ensure top-quality products for their customers, it is important Goulston’s processes run as accurately and efficiently as possible. Endress+Hauser’s Advanced Data Manager Memograph M RSG45 allowed Goulston to save both time and money while still maintaining accurate and reliable data recordings. 

Challenges spark a need for change 

Before installing the Advanced Data Managers, Goulston had planned to add more I/O cards to their PLC for data management of various applications. Goulston also had a desire to limit the number of wires to their PLC and wanted to include EtherNet/IP™ communication. 

With the high number of individual instruments in the field, wiring and cabling became a challenge. The current method of having each instrument connected to the PLC with a dedicated input added additional complexity and cost. 

Goulston’s Tyler Hurst

“Without the RSG45 panels, we would have had to order more than 140 additional analog input cards, that we actually can’t get delivered right now. This would have put our project behind schedule and would have created a mess of cables and wires since there would have been multiple racks and extra PLC panels.”

Tyler Hurst, instrumentation engineer at Goulston

Finding solutions to the challenge 

Kyle Bernhardt, at Carotek, Endress+Hauser’s sales and service partner, has been supporting and collaborating with Goulston’s Tyler Hurst for 10 years. When Tyler brought the challenge to the Carotek team, the Advanced Data Manager Memograph M RSG45 was a solution brought to the table. Using Carotek’s expertise and UL approved panel shop, 14 data managers were installed, wired and tested within four different panels. This gave Goulston the solution they were looking for. 

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Memograph M RSG45 Advanced Data Manager offers process optimization 

The Advanced Data Manager adapts quickly and easily to any application and the measured values can be easily transferred to plant modules that can be interconnected. The device can receive up to 20 inputs which would allow various instruments to provide measurements simultaneously. These data managers would integrate into Goulston’s current control system via EtherNet/IP communication. 

Carotek not only provided Goulston with 150 instruments, including flow, pressure, level and temperature devices, but they were also able to pre-program the Advanced Data Managers and customize each individual input. Completely wired panels would enable the customer to finalize installation with ease. 

By implementing the Advanced Data Managers, they were able to cut the number of input cards by 140. By doing this, Goulston was able to save approximately $150–200k.  With the increased cost savings, efficiency and overall functionality the Advanced Data Manager offers, Goulston will be able to put more time and resources toward ensuring the high quality of the product they provide for their customers. 

“In a nutshell, these panels more than paid for themselves just with the cost of the modules, extra cost of wiring, cost of additional panels and everything else this removed.”  

Tyler Hurst