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Digitalization in the manufacturing world: How level sensors benefit from IIoT connectivity 

In today’s data-centric landscape, smart instrumentation provides a wealth of diagnostic and other information, enabling plant staff to get far more from their instruments than a single 4-20mA primary process variable measurement. Digitalization and IIoT connectivity help personnel improve efficiency and avoid unplanned shutdowns. The added information transmitted from instruments to host systems via user-friendly, digital communication protocols, empowers them to implement proactive and predictive maintenance.

Benefits to IIoT connected level sensor

Today, companies offer a wide variety of smart instrumentation. One that Endress+Hauser offers is the Liquiphant FTL51B vibronic point level switch for all liquid media. The switch is equipped with Heartbeat Technology that adds three unique benefits:

  1. Safe, continuous diagnostics and a simple verification, without process interruption
  2. Centralized asset management with easy online access to all device information thanks to digital communication
  3. Second line of defense to protect the environment

By incorporating smart instrumentation like this level switch into plant designs, facility operation and optimization become much more manageable tasks. These instruments incorporate digital communication protocols, sometimes in place of—and other times on top of—traditional analog communication protocols, greatly increasing capabilities and value.

The infographic below lays out the benefits of user-friendly devices:

Download the infographic!
Liquiphant level switch infographic
Liquiphant level switch infographic
Liquiphant level switch infographic
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