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Utility Management Solutions: Industrial gases

Are you looking for ways to increase your company’s edge in a competitive market? Energy management within utilities is one of most effective ways to boost process uptime which saves you time and money. In this blog series, we’ve explored ways to improve utility networks involving steam and compressed air and heating and cooling.   In this final blog post we’ll talk about industrial gases

Flowmeters provide efficient saving and reliability in industrial gas processes  

Utilities in the process industry use large amounts of industrial gases nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2) and argon (Ar), making detailed and correct cost accounting of these gases vitally important when looking to improve cost control within your company operation.   

One of the major concerns within this process industry is the potential for gas leaks. To ensure that these gases are monitored efficiently, the proper measurement of flow is key within the distribution lines. But this calls for more than simply measuring the total consumption of industrial gas. Thermal flowmeters have proven to be particularly effective, enabling the detailed allocation of costs to individual buildings, floors, departments, production processes or other units. The use of flow meters is an integral component of an effective energy management system and pays off in the following ways: 

 • Quick overview of all gas flows in the various units (building, floor, process, etc.) 

 • Correct and consistent cost accounting for all consumers  

 • Reliable identification of leaks, parasitic loads, and areas with unusually high consumption peaks 

Increase industrial gas systems reliability with thermal flowmeters

The Proline T-mass F/I 300/500 thermal mass flowmeters are one way to ensure the reliability of your gas measurement. Watch this short video to learn about how this sensor with long-term stability and bidirectional measurement can help cut energy consumption in your industrial gas systems.  

How to maintain effective energy management systems

Most problems we face on a daily basis can be solved by using the right tools the right way. As mentioned earlier, reliable thermal flowmeters are a great option for increasing gas system reliability. Endress+Hauser has several solutions to meet your daily challenges and to help you maintain reliability and cost effectiveness with your industrial gas plant. Below are two other technologies we recommend for energy management.

Product highlights

T-Mass F/I 300/500 Flowmeter

Flow measurement

  • Patented fully metallic, drift-free sensor provides reliable measurement over prolonged periods of time and even after repeated exposure to temperature cycling
  • Optional bidirectional measurement and reverse flow detection — a first for thermal mass flowmeters!
  • Heartbeat Verification allows for onboard, traceable verification without process interruption — third-party attested
Cerabar PMP51B Pressure Transmitter

Pressure measurement

  • Pressure measuring range: up to 400 bar (6,000 psi)
  • Process temperatures up to 400 °C (752 °F) with diaphragm seal
  • Wireless control of the device in the process area with the SmartBlue App without
  • Reduce systematic failures-error free SIL commissioning and Proof testing
To see our full list of recommended products, download our industrial gases product list: