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Optimize your business with smart wireless level sensors   

Supply chain challenges and monitoring challenges intertwine

Endress+Hauser understands the challenges you face when it comes to supply chain and monitoring processes. From unaccounted loss to short-term forecasting, you can alleviate those challenges with smart wireless level sensors and gain more time to focus on other important tasks throughout the day. 

How wireless level sensors benefit supply chain

Do you find your supply chain processes to be inefficient or too complex? Do you currently have limited visibility with level measurements because of impractical, time-consuming, or manual monitoring? Digital level measurement sensors, like the Micropilot FWR30, do not require installing cables or manually checking the levels. With the right instrumentation, you can track inventory digitally, from procurement to production, with remote level monitoring. This allows transparency from warehouse to transport. You can improve logistical efficiency and more with digital data tracking and monitoring of tanks, containers, and silos. This also gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a more efficient supply on demand. 

Level measurement with FWR30 wireless level sensors
Click on the picture to learn more about these and the other 9 supply chain challenges you can solve with the help of remote-level monitoring. 

Are you doing level measurements in remote places of the world or in mobile metal/plastic tanks? If you supply chemicals to factories, milk to retailers, or raw materials to building sites, then you could benefit from ways to help make your daily trips more efficient. As an employer or customer, you want all the product to arrive that you left with. Utilizing smart instrumentation during transport allows for containers and plastic vessels to be GPS located so level measurements and plant conditions can be checked remotely within a matter of seconds.  

Do you have processes that require the highest planning certainty? Accurate inventory measurement with smart wireless level sensors makes collaborative planning, event-driven replenishment, and scheduling coordination (in/out) even easier.   

Do you have process interruptions due to missing inventories? Product and even entire mobile vessels can be misplaced during transport or at your plant due to human error. With the right sensor in use, you can receive alerts and warning messages when parameters are undercut or exceeded.   

How level management affects monitoring challenges

Alongside supply chain, the monitoring process also has similar challenges. These could be attributed to the lack of transparency of level measurement due to time-consuming or manual monitoring solutions, level measurement in remote places with mobile metal/plastic tanks, or process interruptions through missing inventories. Using a wireless level sensor, you can ensure efficient processes by identifying these challenges, enabling you to solve them quickly.  

Some other challenges that you may be encountering that are affecting your day-to-day activities could be:

  • High inventory levels  
  • Unreliable or inaccurate measurements  
  • Unaccounted losses 
  • Limited or no real-time data manual data entry  
  • Data reconciliation that never matches  
  • Short-term forecasting 

Avoid process downtime during the monitoring process

Do you find process downtime to be a continuous problem? Endress+Hauser understands the daily challenges you face, and we are here to offer solutions with the Micropilot FWR30.

These benefits include:

  • Always up to date, wherever you venture  
  • Benefit from 100% measurement accuracy and 0% risk  
  • Minimize risk and reduce error 
  • Stay in the loop when product is on the way   
  • Being able to GPS track materials, additives, and raw materials 

Here at Endress+Hauser, our main goal is to provide you with quality measurement devices that help optimize your business. The time-saving solutions the Micropilot FWR30 provides are beneficial across industries. With easy commissioning and a long-life battery, it is perfect for locations with limited or no power supply.

This product operates on the Netilion-Cloudservice that connects the physical and digital worlds. It prioritizes safety, as well as sends messages to the cloud containing information when an alarm or alert goes off. With the use of data visualization, you can see how much you have and where you have it. Another strength of the Netilion and the Micropilot FWR30 is that they provide the strength of having all your services in one place. From simple monitoring to extensive supply-chain services via SupplyCare Cloud, you’ll have exactly what you need. 

If you’re experiencing any of the challenges laid out above, Endress+Hauser is here to help. To learn more about how level sensors can assist in your monitoring challenges and ensure an efficient process, click the link below!