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3 ways new pH sensors improve your measuring points

We live in a world where we must continue to adapt and change. We are always looking for ways to make things easier in our everyday lives. If we could automate a process to make our lives easier, why wouldn’t we? Think about pH sensors and pH measurements. How did the industry measure acidic elements in water-based solutions 20+ years ago? Measurement technologies and methodologies have evolved over the last few decades, but they still were not suitable for industrial applications, until now.

The most recent changes and updates with transmitters and sensors have enabled precise process control, reduced operating costs, and increased process safety. For instance, one of our Endress+Hauser pH and liquid analysis solutions is Memosens technology. The device converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it inductively to the transmitter, therefore, eliminating the problems associated with moisture. To expand on these capabilities, we launched Memosens 2.0, our future-proof and IIoT ready pH solution.

How does Memosens 2.0, today’s version of liquid analysis technology, make your life easier? 

  1. Enables predictive maintenance and IIoT. With extended storage of calibration, sensor, and process data, Memosens facilitates better trend identification and more precise process management. 
  2. Increases safety and reliability. Non-contact digital data transmission eliminates the effects of moisture corrosion and salt bridges with alert messaging if the signal transmission is disturbed. Galvanic isolation ensures interference-free measurement and safety.  
  3. Simplifies operation. Calibration under favorable lab conditions, lockable bayonet connector and true plug & play make sensor handling easy.

In addition, Memosens eliminates problems or concerns you may have with other pH measurement. Three things you don’t have to worry about with Memosens – moisture, interference, and on-site calibration.

Watch this video to learn more about how liquid analysis technology can benefit your measurement points.

If you have questions about how Memosens technology could be a good fit for your applications, then please reach out to our team anytime. 


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