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Facility Tour: Explore Endress+Hauser’s Flow USA

In 2006, Endress+Hauser inaugurated its US flowmeter production center located in Greenwood, IN and over the past decade has expanded the manufacturing space, roughly 200,000 sq. ft., to keep up with the growing needs of customers and the market. As an industry-leading provider of flowmeters, Endress+Hauser is recognized for its commitment to quality, flexibility and innovative technologies. Our core Flow product portfolio produced at Endress+Hauser Flow USA includes:   

Learn more about our full production process in our facility tour video below:  


Production process: Quality from start to finish  

Endress+Hauser places great importance on the materials used to manufacture our flowmeters. Our rigorous quality control measures and sourcing quality policy ensure only ethically sourced materials are utilized.  

The electromagnetic flowmeter assembly process begins with our steel tubes cut to order specifications. By upholding stringent quality control measures, the facility ensures the efficiency and quality of the process, providing durability and measurement precision. After welding, a protective aluminum zinc coating process is applied to safeguard the flanges from rust or corrosion.  

Every electromagnetic meter produced at our facility features a protective liner, which ensures measurement precision. To complete the assembly process, each flowmeter receives a coat of primer and two coats of the signature Endress+Hauser blue paint.  

Across our flow product portfolio, each flowmeter assembled at our facility begins with custom kits –prepared for each customer’s manufacturing order. Color coding and visual cues help our team save time and pull materials accurately for each kit. Furthermore, team members working are ESD protected to ensure the integrity of the circuit boards installed in each meter. 

Once flowmeters are assembled and quality tested, they are calibrated. Calibration ensures the instrument’s measurement is accurate and within the limits required to produce a quality end product. All eight of our flow calibration rigs are ISO 17025 accredited to ensure the highest accuracy calibrations for our customers.  

A focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction  

At Endress+Hauser, we embrace innovative robotics technology to support our operators. The kit delivery robot, Flow Bot, delivers kits to operators, allowing them to focus on the assembly process and enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  

Additionally, our facility utilizes a geothermal heating and cooling system, further reducing our carbon footprint.  

 Endress+Hauser’s flow production facility in Greenwood, IN, is a testament to our commitment to excellence, quality and continuous improvement. With a global presence and a focus on local production, we ensure that our world-class flowmeters are within reach wherever you are. With our values centered around our employees and a dedication to our customers, Endress+Hauser is a trusted name in the industry, providing flowmeters that meet the highest standards of precision and quality. 


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